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Never before has it been easier for you to preserve cherished family memories for generations to come.

  • We can restore almost any photo
  • 15+ years experience
  • Competitively priced as little as $45
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Highest quality

Our Services

Some images are just too important to throw away!
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  • Damaged photo needs restoring Image restored with modern photo restoration techniques


    Faded or discolored images can happen through time, sun exposure or ozone, or because of poor initial chemical processing. Our photo restoration techniques can make things look like new! For difficult cases, we hand color.

  • Torn image Photo repaired and restored

    Photo Repair

    Staining, rips, scratches, water damage, discoloration, fold marks, missing pieces, pen or crayon marks... Did we miss anything? Old photo stuck to glass maybe? The good news is that we can repair almost any photo, sometimes with the help of AI.

  • old black and white image Colorized and restored photo

    Adding Color

    Merging art and technology, black and white images can be digitally colored to bring out original color detail - or to create a brand new look. Or if fading or staining of a color photo is extreme, then selected areas can be targeted.

  • Image editing water damage and faded Photo restore and enhance from water damage

    Photo Editing

    Have a photo or graphics project that needs a pro touch? Or a one-off poster, book cover or digital design; or just want to add some text elements?

    We can perform any and all photo edits!

    • Removing people or objects
    • Cosmetic enhancements
    • Clothing alterations

Our Process

It's As Easy as One - Two - Three - Four.

  • Upload your photo, email, or text us at (949)742-2755. Cell phone picture acceptable. You may also mail us your original.

  • Request the changes and enhancements you will need for your photograph.

  • We do the repair in 2-3 business days and email you a PDF preview file for approval.

  • Finally, we send you the fully restored file and custom print of your photo if applicable.

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“I just wanted to send a follow-up email and thank you again for a very quick turnaround and also such an amazing photo restoration. I made large prints of the restored pic for all my cousins and they were so excited. Everyone commented on how beautifully restored it was. Thank you so much again.”Victoria M., Georgia

Who Are We?

Over the course of the last 20 years we have scanned, fixed and restored thousands of historical, cherished and family-centered images as part of our digital video and digital imaging business Your Story Here LLC, founded by Jane and Peter.

As demand for our photo repair work grew, Peter and Jane decided to give the business its own identity, its own division, and its own website! So, Heritage Studios was born!

Jane passed away and her gentle, kind and exacting presence continues to guide everything we do. HeritageStudios is still a family business. Peter and his son Gus continue to preserve and modernize your personal history, and guarantee all work.